Social Justice Art

Downward Spiral


Depression can cause one to feel as if they are being sucked downward in a whirling black hole.

Created in 2016, this piece was in the juried “Art Noir” at the Evansville Arts Council in 2017.


Lavender Scare


 Shrouded in fears of Communism, in 1953 the US President Eisenhower enacted Executive Order 10450, which barred homosexuals from federal employment.  This led to the mass firing of over 5,000 LGBTQ persons, including members of the military.  This was dubbed the Lavender Scare by David K Johnson.


Advice to Lily


This piece was inspired by advice the artist gave to her daughter when she was in high school.  In a text, she wrote to her, “People at your school think in terms of little boxes.  They want everyone to be a cube, so they fit in the boxes.  They want uniformity so everything looks equal (even if that means it’s not equitable). But, people like us think in orbs - always spinning and rolling.  We do things differently.  The trick is to show them how our orbs can fit nicely in their boxes.”

It can be seen in “Minimalism” at the Rotunda Gallery in Henderson, KY until June 7, 2019.


Trump Library


The collection of book titles housed in this repurposed drawer, painted in Trump’s signature gold,  describe the artist’s opinions of the 45th US President. Created in 2018.


American Pitchfork Revolution


The growing disparity between the rich and the poor may be leading America to a "peasants revolt."

Set My Heart Free


We may not always be free to follow our heart’s desires and pursue the careers of our dreams because we are held down by the trappings of capitalism and materialism.  Made entirely of cast-off items, this piece represents the artist’s desire to break free of those bonds.  Created in 2015, this piece was in the juried “Another’s Treasure” show in 2017.

Not for Sale.

Animal Welfare

Puppy Mill

Puppy Mill

An estimated 2 million puppies are born in the US to commercial breeders that place profit over the well-being of the dogs.  These puppy mills are known for the crowded, unsanitary conditions of the wire cages, which contribute to illness and injury of the dogs.


The Real Bad Monkey


When a small child fell into Harambe’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo, the gorilla was shot to death. This Piece, which has a gorilla perched on the end of a gun, places the blame on all of us who participate in exploiting animals.  As you press on the dime outside his cage, a red LED lights, “firing” the pistol.

Created in 2016, this piece was in the juried “Art of Recycling“ show in Henderson, KY in 2017.


Saddest Show on Earth


More than just clowns and acrobats to entertain us, circuses are also captors and tormentors to exotic animals.  Elephants receive especially cruel treatment, as harsh methods are used to control the enormous animals.  They spend their lives in chains and have limited access to water while traveling, as is depicted in this artwork.

created in 2016, this piece was in the juried show “Soapbox” in St. Charles, MO that same year.






Mounting Pressure


Steampunk assemblage made in 2016, during a time when personally and politically, tensions were mounting.

One for the Road


Created in 2019, but conceptualized years earlier when her daughter’s friend was killed by a drunk driver

A Scientist Studies Religion


The lab of a mad scientist, trying to understand the symbols of Christ Ian. The lamp, which lights up, is crafted from a communion cup

Industrial Snowflake


Brownie made for “Hello December” in Toronto’s Gallery 50.

Nuclear Winter


Brownie made for “Hello December” in Toronto’s Gallery 50 In 2016.

Disconnected and Inutile


Assemblage Created in 2018 for Miniatures Show.