Campfire of the Cosmos

Global Warming

Human actions, such as deforestation and pollution, are leading to gradual increases in the Earth’s temperature.  This has created climate change, rising sea levels, melting polar ice caps, and extreme weather phenomenon.  This can impact food production and affect public health.

This piece repurposes an old drawer that holds the earth with its melting ice caps and distraught polar bear.  Above it, the hand of a deity is roasting a marshmallow over the warming earth. Tiny LED lightbulbs, powered by rechargeable batteries, dot the sky of the Cosmos.

About the Piece

  • Wooden drawer, metal globe, plastic figures, metal fork, Sculpey, resin, paint, glitter, LED lights
  • 16” x 24” x 7”
  • Created July 2016


They Paved Paradise


Joni Mitchell sang of how “they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.” She described visiting trees in the Tree Museum after nature was destroyed by progress.  Deforestation clears large stands of trees in order to create space for farmland, roadways, housing additions or urban developments.  This removes large sources of oxygen from the environment and contributes to climate change.  

This piece uses a tree stump as the base for the Tree Museum’s parking lot.  The only green that remains is the color on the automobiles parked on top.

About the Piece

  • Tree stump, blacktop sealant, toy cars, screws, paint, polycrylic.
  • 12” x 12” x 14”
  • Created in 2018
  • $200


Food Industry

Food Justice

 The food we consume today barely resembles the natural sources of nutrition our bodies need.  Even what appears to be fruit is changed by added colors, flavors and chemicals.  This is the modern food industry.

About the Piece

  • Wood, glass bottles, book, clay, pennies, meat grinder, screws
  • Created in 2016
  • Awarded 2nd place in the “Food for Thought” show in 2016.  
  • In the “Juried Exhibition” at Arts Illiana Gallery in 2018. 
  • $300